Cuomo Admits Making Mistakes, IGNORES Nursing Home Scandal

( If someone asked you what the worst thing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo did during the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, what would you say it was?

The nursing home scandal, right? So would most people. But not Andrew Cuomo, it seems.

The Democratic governor admitted this week that he has made mistakes during the outbreak, which many others have too. While attempting to appear humble, however, he completely ignored the scandal that saw more than 6,400 residents of New York nursing homes dying from the coronavirus after infected people were sent to the facilities without being tested. That happened specifically because state government ordered that nursing homes accept COVID patients, who still had the virus, but who were considered “medically stable.”

According to the New York Post, Cuomo admitted having “made a lot of mistakes” when being honored by Democratic Mayor Van Johnson of Savannah, Georgia.

“It is hard. We made a lot of mistakes, but if we learn from half of the mistakes we made in doing it we are the wiser for it,” Cuomo said. He did not, however, elaborate on the mistakes he made.

“We got assaulted by the COVID virus in New York…The numbers just exploded on us,” he said. And that’s true. New York was one of the first places to be hit hard by the virus in the United States and to this day has seen the biggest spike in deaths and active cases. The numbers are now leveling off, but many of the deaths in the state – particularly those from nursing homes – are considered by many to have been avoidable.

Cuomo hasn’t completely ignored those deaths, but he has refused to take responsibility for them. He has been supported in those efforts quite extensively by the far-left outlet The New York Times, which described them as “one of the most tragic facets of the coronavirus pandemic” and even shifting the blame to Republican lawmakers.

The New York Times accepted the report published by the New York State Department of Health that claimed no responsibility over the deaths, without asking any questions. That same report said the deaths of thousands of patients were the result of the nursing home workers.

Real classy, Cuomo!