Cuomo Says NY Needs MILLIONS of Tests Before State Reopens

(ConservativePeak.Com)- New York is still the hardest-hit place in the United States when it comes to the Chinese coronavirus, with New York City in full lockdown and the rest of the state still struggling with huge numbers of deaths. On Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said during his daily coronavirus press conference that millions of tests are required before they even consider reopening the economy.

Cuomo discussed the number of intensive care admission in the state, which is going down. New York appears to have reached, or to be reaching, its peak number of infections and deaths. However, Cuomo insisted that this isn’t the end of the road for the disease and that there must be an “unprecedented mobilization” of COVID-19 tests before people can safely return to work.

“Even with our high capacity and high performance on testing it’s still not enough,” he said. “It’s not enough if you want to reopen on a meaningful scale and reopen quickly, so the testing front is going to be a challenge for us.”

There are two kinds of tests currently in use across the world. One test determines whether somebody is currently suffering from the virus, and the other, the antibody test, determines whether a person has previously suffered from the virus and is now immune. Rolling out both of these tests is hugely important as it allows medical professionals to see who needs urgent care and who is safe to go back out to work.

However, nowhere in the world appears to have enough tests right now.

Over in the United Kingdom, some 3.5 million tests ordered from China were recently discovered to be faulty. The British government had hoped the first wave of tests could have allowed key workers to stay out on the field, but the Chinese-made tests failed to meet necessary standards.

In New York, a similar shortage means it could take longer than hoped to reopen the economy.

“We have 19 million people in the state of New York. You’d want to start by testing everyone, right, you’d want to test people who would be coming back to work, test people going into nursing homes, test healthcare workers,” Cuomo said.

The governor called on the federal government to use the powers granted to the president under the Defense Production Act to force private businesses to start producing the test kit.

But even so, it could be some time before millions are available.