De Blasio Says Kids Will Attend School 2-3 Times A Week

( New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Thursday that most children in the city will be returning to school, eventually, but that it will typically only be two to three times a week. To balance out the issue of parents needing someone to watch their children while they are at work and their children at school, he said that the city would provide childcare for some 100,000 people across the city.

That childcare will only be provided to people who don’t already have access to it, but there was no explanation of how those families will be chosen and what the families who don’t make the cut will do.

What is it with the Democrats and wanting to keep children away from school as much as they can get away with?

The Democratic mayor said that they would introduce a “blended learning approach, where the typical child goes two or three days a week to school, in the classroom.”

It begs the question of what effect it will really have by stopping children from attending school for just two days a week. If they’re going part-time, why not full time?

“But so many parents have also said that they can’t make it work if they don’t get more childcare,” he added. “We have been working at, since we saw the results of that survey. And we obviously knew this was imperative. We’ve been trying to find every way to create new childcare and to build it from scratch, honestly.”

He said that they initially thought that they might be able to find 50,000 childcare seats but that they soon realized that, with a “blended” format, they could turn it into 100,000 families.

So the idea of sending kids to school part-time isn’t about restricting the spread of the virus, but about giving kids the chance to go to childcare on a rotational basis. If this is about reducing the spread of the virus, however, is there any evidence that children will be less likely to catch or spread the virus when at childcare and not at school?

Questions, questions!