Deadline Publishes, Retracts, Fake Story About Vice President Pence Contracting COVID-19

( Deadline apologized on Thursday for posting a fake story on its website that falsely claimed Vice President Mike Pence had contracted the Chinese coronavirus. The outlet said that the post was removed quickly and apologized for the error, describing how it was a draft post that should not have been made live.

“A draft post of a story about Vice President Mike Pence testing positive for coronavirus that was never meant to publish was accidently [sic] posted on Deadline,” a public statement reads.

“It was pulled down immediately. It should never have been posted and Deadline will take steps to see this kind of thing never happens again. Apologies to the Vice President and our readers. We regret the error,” they added.

Many immediately speculated that it was an indication of even more media bias, but the truth is that most media outlets write draft posts like this. To be first to report on a breaking news story, most media outlets will write several draft posts that can be quickly edited with the facts and published within minutes of a story breaking.

In the United Kingdom, all media outlets famously have draft reports and even video reports filmed, in the event that the Monarch dies. Upon the eventual passing away of Queen Elizabeth II, every single media outlet in the United Kingdom will have reports prepared to honor the Queen and report on her passing.

With COVID-19, it’s a similar story. Deadline had a story prepared to report on the likelihood that Pence contracted the virus, just as President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump did.

However, the article should bever have been published and suggests that Deadline’s processes are not up to scratch. Either that, or an employee did something they shouldn’t have done.

Things like this happen fairly frequently, too. I n2008, Bloomberg published a long obituary for Steve Jobs, the founder of tech company Apple. It was written and accidentally published at a time when the health of Jobs was widely speculated about. Jobs then passed away three years later in 2011.

So, to be clear…Vice President Mike Pence has not contracted COVID-19.