Dem Governor FINALLY Directs National Guard To Portland, AFTER Election Day

( Democratic Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, finally directed the National Guard to quell violence in the city of Portland, after election day. Brown directed the Guard to go in and deal with the crowds of far-left extremists and Democrat voters who have been destroying the city for months.

Brown initially requested the National Guard to be on standby on Monday, in preparation of the arrival of election day. Once the election was over, Brown officially sent in the Guard to tackle the violence, suggesting that the refusal to send them in in the first place was a political move designed to make the city and country look unstable under President Trump’s administration.

The move was announced by the Multnomah County Sheriff on Twitter. The sheriff confirmed that widespread violence was taking place in Downtown Portland and that they would be activating the National Guard in the interest of public safety.

“Guard members are trained in crowd control and will be riding with local response teams,” the sheriff said. “They are dressed in military style garb, which is their uniform. Oregon National Guard members are civilian community members helping to protect us. We don’t take this decision lightly.”
If it is in the interest of public safety to activate the National Guard when violence breaks out, why did the governor not activate the National Guard on one of the over 100 consecutive days of violence in the city?

Governor Brown has yet to answer that question or offer an explanation for why she believes the National Guard is necessary a day after election day.

Brown even gave a press conference on September 4, saying that she would rely on trained law enforcement and that “we don’t need the national guard.”

Brown even said that the National Guard was “not trained for this work,” referring to dealing with riots.

The National Guard is, in fact, trained to control riots and has controlled riots successfully in other cities across the country during the many Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots that have taken place over the summer.