Democrat Councilwoman Pushes BIOTERRORISM Against Republicans

Dow plunges after China retaliates with higher tariffs
Dow plunges after China retaliates with higher tariffs

( – A Democratic councilwoman is facing calls for her resignation after she encouraged bioterrorism against Republicans on her Twitter feed. The leader of Denver District 9 council, Candi CdeBaca, reposted a tweet from a person saying they would attend MAGA rallies if they contracted the coronavirus.

The councilwoman commented with the hashtag “#solidary,” a series of laughing emojis, and the word “Yaaaas!!”

Her response implied that she agreed with the idea, which would constitute bioterrorism against a group of people because of their political views. The coronavirus is spreading rapidly across Asia and Europe, and also poses a serious threat to millions of lives in the United States.

Twitter users immediately recognized the seriousness of the post, with users calling for her to apologize and resign. The executive director of the Colorado Republican Party, Lx Fangonilo, described the comments as “evil.”

“There can be no room in our politics for wishing harm on Americans who have different beliefs,” Fangolino said. “Democrats in Colorado and across the country need to condemn this evil statement.”

“In light of these comments, the Colorado Republican Party is calling on Councilwoman CdeBaca to resign immediately,” Fangolino added.

CdeBaca seemed completely unphased, however, telling Colorado Politics that the Republicans wanted her to resign before she got elected.

“If they are indeed worried about the severity of the coronavirus, then they should encourage our Republican president to take it more seriously,” she shamelessly responded.

“That re-tweet was a response to Trump’s dismissal of the severity of the outbreak…It’s the Democrats who they are condemning that are actually taking the issue seriously. I’m just holding up the mirror,” she said.

No apology.

Once conservative journalist Ryan Saavedra posted her comments on Twitter it was quickly shared by Donald Trump Jr., which meant CdeBaca simply couldn’t ignore the response. The councilwoman made several social media posts in which she tried to justify her endorsement of bioterrorism.

In one tweet, she claimed she was being sarcastic. In others, she explained how she was trying to prove that the virus is more serious than President Donald Trump has said.

10 people have died in the United States from the coronavirus so far, and it is quickly spreading in first-world European nations like Italy and the United Kingdom.