Dems Make Racist Attacks Against First Lady After Classy, Respectful RNC Speech

( First Lady Melania Trump showed the world just how graceful and classy she is on Tuesday when she closed out the second night of the Republican National Convention with a speech in which she refused to attack the Democrats.

Mrs. Trump said she would not waste precious time attacking opponents who have slammed her and her opponents. She told a small audience in the White House Rose Garden that, “as we saw last week, that kind of talk only services to divide the country further.”

Isn’t she great?

The speech covered a huge range of topics and was easily the biggest draw of the night. She discussed the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, her work with the “Be Best” campaign helping children in need, and the importance of honesty in politics.

“I’m here because we need my husband to be our president and commander-in-chief for four more years,” she said. “He’s what is best for our country.”

After making one of the most polite, classy speeches ever made at any convention, First Lady Melania Trump became the focus of vicious attacks online – notably from Democrat supporter and celebrity Bette Midler.

In a series of tweets, Midler suggested Melania Trump cannot speak English and that she is an illegal immigrant.

“Get that illegal immigrant off the sage” Midler said in one bizarre tweet.

In another tweet, she suggested Melania, along with Trump’s ex-wives, came to the United States via the Post Office.

Perhaps worst of all, she suggested Melania Trump cannot speak English because of her Eastern European accent.

Midler failed to acknowledge the fact that not only does Melania Trump speak perfect English, she also speaks French, Slovenian, German, and Italian.

During her speech, Melania Trump addressed the many attacks from the Democrats and the media, but instead of fighting back with more insults, she said that she and her husband will continue to fight for the American people regardless.

“No matter the amount of negative or false media headlines or attacks from the other side, Donald Trump has not and will not lose focus on you,” she said. “He loves this country, and he knows how to get things done.”