Did This Mom Kill Her Five-Year-Old Daughter and Blame Her Other Toddler?

(ConservativePeak.com)- It seems we can’t go even a week before we hear another horrific story of a young child being killed. This time, the story comes from Knoxville, Tennessee. A woman is reported to have given conflicting stories about the shooting of her five-year-old daughter back in September. Last week, she was indicted on several charges, including felony murder of that child.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, 37-year-old Robin Howington was charged with aggravated child neglect, making a false report, and tampering with evidence. The report said that on September 14, 2019, police officers responded to a call to Howington’s home in Fountain City where they found that her daughter, Destiny Oliver, had been shot. The girl was taken to a local medical center where she was soon pronounced dead.

Initially, Howington told the investigators that a man had come into her home and shot her child in the chest, before leaving the house and getting away in a black Chrysler car. The mother then changed her story, however, saying the girl’s father and shot her and then fled in a white Chrysler car.

Law enforcement officers later found a handgun disposed of in a bush close to Howington’s home, leading her to change her story again and this time claimed her boyfriend – not the father of her daughter – had disposed of the gun in a bush. Neighbors had a different, story, however. Video footage captured by the neighbors showed Howington taking the gun and hiding it herself.

As soon as Howington learned that there was footage of her hiding the weapon, her story changed once again. She claimed that she hid the gun because she thought it was illegal and was too afraid to say. Then, she said her two-year-old toddler son climbed into the closed, picked up the gun, and then shot his sister.

Howington is understood to have wiped off the fingerprints from the gun and moved various items around the crime scene, making it difficult for officers to find out really what happened.

Reports suggest she even put her phone in water, in the hope that she would destroy any evidence on the device.

She is now held on a $500,000 bond.