Dr. Fauci Flips Out Over Unmasking

(ConservativePeak.com)- Dr. Anthony Fauci, the most high-profile members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force and the long-time head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases revealed on Sunday that it’s time for America to start unmasking…just after helping the Democrats win an election by pushing science claiming masking was necessary.

Speaking on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Fauci revealed that he was concerned about the roughly 60,000 or 70,000 new COVID-19 cases occurring in the United States every day, but then started pushing the same message as President Donald Trump just a couple of months ago. Fauci argued that America should start rolling back measures on social distancing and masking “carefully and slowly.”

He isn’t happy about the number of new cases, but still wants to roll back the damaging policies that helped put Biden into power in the first place?


When CBS host Margaret Brennan asked if Fauci was worried about a fourth wave of COVID, that’s when he revealed the latest numbers.

“Well, my concern, Margaret, is based on the fact that although the cases are coming down very nicely, you have a very sharp diminution, over the past week and a half or so, we’ve seen that that decline has now done this, essentially starting to plateau. And historically, if you look back at the different surges we’ve had, when they come down and then start to plateau at a very high level, plateauing at a level of 60 to 70,000 new cases per day is not an acceptable level,” he said.

This from the man who first said people shouldn’t wear masks, then said people should wear masks, then said there was no scientific data showing double masking worked, and then said people should double mask.

Fauci noted how Europe is typically a few weeks ahead of the U.S with the COVID pandemic, and that the continent has seen a 9% increase in cases generally.

“So the message we’re saying is that we do not want to come back carefully and slowly about pulling back on mitigation methods,” he added. “But don’t turn that switch on and off because it really would be risky to have yet again another surge, which we do not want to happen because we’re plateauing at a quite a high level.”

Isn’t it convenient how America can risk slowly removing mask mandates now that Joe Biden is president and the economic damage lockdowns are doing hurts the Democrats, huh?