Dr. Phil Walks Back COVID-19 Comments, Admits He Got Numbers Wrong

(ConservativePeak.Com)- During a Fox News segment with Laura Ingraham on Thursday, Dr. Phil McGraw shocked the country by wading into the coronavirus debate and compared virus deaths to non-contagious causes of death, including drowning in swimming pools.

It didn’t go down too well.

Dr. Phil said hundreds of thousands of people die from smoking cigarettes and other non-contagious causes, expressing his disbelief that the quarantine measures were put in place at all. And, while he’s right that there are many other causes of death that don’t cause the country to shut down, he didn’t acknowledge that smoking cigarettes or drowning in swimming pools are contagious.

McGraw discussed the potentially devastating impact quarantine measures could have not just on the economy, but on the mental health of the American people. On this, he wasn’t wrong.

“I can’t show you an x-ray of depression, I can’t show you an x-ray of anxiety, but the fact of the matter is the longer this lockdown goes on, the more vulnerable people get, and it’s like there’s a tipping point,” he said.

“There’s a point at which people start having enough problems in lockdown that it will actually create more destruction and actually more death across time than the actual virus will itself,” he added.

President Trump has made similar comments in the past, saying that the cure must not be worse than the virus itself.

A day later, he walked back the comments and clarified that he got the numbers wrong and didn’t acknowledge the fact that viruses spread exponentially when social distancing measures are not put in place.

During a live stream on Friday, he clarified the remarks he made, focusing specifically on his concern about America’s mental health.

“I’m concerned that the deterioration of the mental and physical health can be substantial from enduring prolonged quarantine while also worrying about being infected with a dreaded virus in the midst of a crashing economy, lost jobs, and an inability to even feed your family,” he said.

Is he wrong?

He also clarified that he doesn’t believe people should “just run back out there and start pretending nothing has happened.” McGraw stressed the importance of sticking to CDC guidelines and practicing social distancing.

As with everything in life, the truth tends to lie somewhere in the middle, and McGraw made it clear that while he believes the quarantine may be worse than the virus, he did remind people about the importance of testing and protecting the vulnerable.