Even Left-Wing Fact Checkers Called Out Biden On Fake Claims Trump Is Responsible for All Covid Deaths

(ConservativePeak.com)- At this point, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is just making things up. And that’s not even hyperbole, it’s something pretty much every outlet agrees with – including the mainstream, left-wing fact-checkers.

On Thursday night during a town hall event, Joe Biden suggested that President Donald Trump is responsible for the death of every single person who caught the Chinese coronavirus.

“If the president had done his job, had done his job from the beginning, all the people would still be alive,” Joe Biden claimed. “All the people – I’m not making this up. Just look at the data. Look at the data.”

Well, fact-checkers looked at the data, and they realized that Biden was very much making it up.

“Actually, Biden is making this up,” Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler said. “There is no data to support this, even if the president had moved rapidly in January to deal with the coronavirus and been able to persuade the Chinese leadership to be more forthcoming about the situation.”

Kessler noted that even countries that have been widely praised for their handling of the pandemic, including New Zealand, Iceland, and South Korea, have suffered deaths. 10 people have died in Iceland, 25 in New Zealand, and 377 in South Korea.

Does Biden think that if he were president fewer people would have died? This is a man who called President Trump’s China travel ban “xenophobic,” and a representative of the same part as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who told people in late February to go to China Town in San Francisco to have fun.

All the while, President Donald Trump was preparing the country for a pandemic while taking steps to minimize its spread. Including stopping people entering the United States from countries with high infection rates.

Politico hit back at Biden’s comments, too. But instead of saying he lied – which he did – the outlet said Biden “vastly overstate what protections could have worked against the virus.”

They mean he lied.