Expert Confirms Mail-In Voting Risks VOTER FRAUD in November

(ConservativePeak.Com)- If you were concerned that the Democrats’ proposal to introduce mail-voting for November would open the door to wide-spread abuse and fraud, then you were right. According to experts at the Heritage Foundation, and a former commissioned from the Federal Election Commission, the system could result in voter fraud in November’s presidential election.

A large and growing number of Democrat politicians are already calling for the measure to be implemented on a national basis, under the guise of making voting safer for people following the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

Hans A. von Spakovsky, a Heritage Foundation senior legal fellow, and a former commissioner at the FEC told the Daily Caller that “voter registration rolls are in notoriously bad shape all over the country.”

Not a good start.

Von Spakovsky also explained how state governments tend to do a bad job of fixing their voter rolls by removing those who have moved out of the state of passed away, which is one of the reasons why there have been so many scandals about dead people voting in the past. He explained how, if a ballot was simply mailed to everybody on the register, then a significant number of people would receive ballots that aren’t theirs.

He then referenced the fraud database held by the Heritage Foundation that shows around 1,300 instances of voter fraud.

“Because these are ballots that are voted outside the supervision of election officials, it makes it easier to do everything from stealing them to pressuring voters on how to vote,” he explained.

In the United Kingdom, a similar system known as “postal voting” has long been used by left-wing candidates and activists to rig the results. A scandal in Tower Hamlets, in London, saw a mayor elected with fraudulent ballots. An electoral fraud probe found “multiple failings” in the area where people who had previously been banned from standing for election were later found campaigning for other candidates who were rigging the system.

Von Spakovsky gave an example of voter fraud in North Carolina, in their 9th Congressional District election back in 2018. It was the only election during the midterms that year that was scrapped and re-done. The results were declared invalid after it was found that some activists collected absentee ballots at peoples’ doors and filled them in themselves. Some even forged signatures.

Is it any wonder that Democrats want to implement a system that is wide open to electoral fraud in a race that they consider essential?

They’ll do anything to beat Trump…even cheat!