Far-Left Protesters Ambush Portland Official’s Home For NOT Defunding Police

(ConservativePeak.com)- Despite pulling off what could be a victory for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, far-left rioters still aren’t happy, and on Thursday night ambushed the home of Portland City Commissioner Dan Ryan for refusing to vote for the defunding of the police in the city.

The far-left protesters didn’t just stand in protest outside of Ryan’s home but went as far as throwing projectiles at his property, breaking windows, throwing flares at his house, vandalizing his property with paint-filled balloons, and even shining bright lights through his windows in the night.

The horrific scenes come after the five-member Portland city council met to discuss a proposal from Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty to cut the Portland Police Bureau budget. The plan was to take away a massive $18 million from local police officers at a time when the city is under regular attack from far-left Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists.

The night before the meeting, protesters arrived at Ryan’s home. It results in the city commissioner voting to delay the formal vote on the proposal until November 5. That vote finally came around, and the radical proposal was voted down. It prompted anger from Black Lives Matter and Antifa extremists who believe American police officers are racist and should either be defunded or disbanded entirely.

Oregon Live reported that the majority of the council called instead for “comprehensive discussions” about ways to reform public safety in Portland, and expressed concern about the layoffs that would result from such a huge budget cut.

Ryan cast the deciding vote, saying that he would need to see more information about how the huge cut would impact the bureau.

So to be clear – rioters arrived at the home of a city commissioner who didn’t dismiss their concerns but instead said that reforms to the police should take place.

Even that wasn’t enough. Check the footage below and see just how much damage they caused.

If someone did this to their home after successfully defunding the police, who would they call?

Social workers?

The decision not to defund the police will likely go down well with voters, given that a DHM Research poll found in September that almost a majority of voters in Oregon believe that the police should do more to stop protesters.

66% of people in the state also disapproved of the protests.