First the Virus, Now GIANT ASIAN HORNETS: New Hornet Species Arriving in America

(ConservativePeak.Com)- First, it was the Chinese coronavirus, and now it’s a whole new problem from Asia – giant deadly hornets. A new and invasive species of hornet from Asia has been discovered in Washington state, and scientists are now rushing to find out where else they may be so they can quickly be exterminated.

The fear is that the invasive and deadly species may have already begun to settle in Washington and may spread throughout the rest of the country, making them impossible to get rid of.

The Asian Giant Hornet, or the “Murder Hornet,” as some call it, has been tracked by scientists since late December. They were first discovered in Blaine, close to the Canadian border, and officials have monitored sighting of the species.

Queen Asian Giant Hornets can grow to be two inches long, making them significantly bigger than any hornets already seen in the United States. Not only do they pose a danger to humans, but they also pose a massive risk to the already at-risk honeybee. A single hornet can wipe out a whole honeybee hive in just a few hours, using its spiked mandibles. The hornet decapitates the bees it comes across and feeds the thoraxes to its young.

The hornets also have a stinger that is long enough to puncture traditional beekeeping suits. If stung, a person will be injected with the hornet’s venom. According to the New York Times, victims of these hornet stings feel like they have “hot metal driving into their skin.”

Dozens of people are killed every year in Japan by the nasty species, but according to experts, they are better known for attacking honeybees and prefer to go for smaller pretty.

The Times reports that scientists have now embarked on a “full-scale hunt for the hornets” as a result of worries the hornets could “decimate bee populations in the United States and establish such a deep presence that all hope for eradication could be lost.”

Another scary fact about all of this? Two hornet nests were discovered in Canada, over the border, and they were not related. It suggests that there have been multiple introductions of the species into the area, meaning more could already be out there.

Chris Looney, an entomologist from Washington state, argued that it’s possible the hornets were introduced by someone deliberately.

“In a lot of Asian countries, these big meaty wasps are food, and so it’s entirely possible that somebody brought these to try and cultivate a food source in North America.”

Let’s hope not!