For First Time Since 2016, Dems DON’T Want to Impeach Trump

(ConservativePeak.Com)- The Chinese coronavirus is breaking records. Not only has the United States seen unemployment claims rise at historic levels, the virus outbreak is even forcing the Democrats to re-examine their priorities and scale back their attacks against President Donald Trump.

According to The Daily Caller, the crisis facing the United States has pushed back impeachment of the president to the bottom of their list of priorities. The conservative news outlet contacted dozens of Democratic members of Congress who have previously been extremely vocal about impeaching the president and reported that only three responded. Of those responses, Democratic members of Congress say that the time to impeach the president has now passed, or that they want to wait until the November election to give the electorate a chance to decide.

The change in attitude is significant. Just months ago, Democrats were engaged in a full war against the president, accusing him of working against American interests and using his power to investigate a political rival.

Just like the Russia investigation, no evidence surfaced that the president broke the law or acted inappropriately, and the entire proceedings were proven to be one big hoax. Now, with the country braced for continued economic uncertainty as a result of the Chinese coronavirus, it seems like Democratic politicians realize they are hurting themselves.

California representative Zoe Lofgren responded to the Daily Caller suggesting that while she believes the president should have been removed from office, the Senate voted not to and she wants to let the voters decide.

“The Constitutional remedy of impeachment is only for the most serious misconduct that threaten the very democracy, a ‘high crime or misdemeanor.’ President Trump’s gross misconduct met that high standard, as described to the Senate during the trial. Senators did not vote to convict and remove President Trump from office. Now Americans will now have their say in November,” she said.

The Daily Caller also noted that Texas Representative Al Green, who put forward articles of impeachment against President Trump as early as 2017, didn’t respond to comment.

Isn’t it amazing that it takes a global pandemic for the Democrats to finally give up on trying to subvert Democracy!