Fox News Host Cuts Off Trump On Camera

( Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham caused outrage among Republicans and Trump supporters on Thursday when she appeared to cut off former President Donald Trump during an interview, and then begin to lecture him on legal strategy.

President Trump was invited to come on the show and discuss President Joe Biden’s first press conference since entering the White House, which came 65 days after his inauguration.

During the discussion, the former president brought up the issue of election integrity – a topic close to his heart given that the 2020 presidential election is widely believed to have been lost by the president as a result of misconduct and fraud in several key states.

“And what they did was absolutely disgraceful and if you look at the numbers, the numbers were vastly in favor of us in the Presidential election,” Trump said. “It was disgraceful that they were able to get away with it, and the Supreme Court didn’t have the courage to do what they had to do.”

The president was referencing the fact that zero court cases brought by him or his supporters were seen by judges after being dismissed on points of procedure. The Supreme Court also refused to weigh in on a court case that argued Pennsylvania’s last-minute rule-change on mass mail-in voting was constitutional, arguing that the case was moot as the election was already over.

Ingraham butted in as the former president was talking.

“Yeah, well, speaking as a lawyer, we’re not going to relitigate the past tonight,” she said. “But speaking as a lawyer I think that going forward, I think any candidate running for office has to have a heck of a legal strategy in place, like long before the election takes place.”

It’s no wonder Fox News is suffering a ratings crash when it repeatedly capitulates to far-left talking points.

Ingraham may have chosen to interrupt the president to avoid being sued by Dominion Voting Systems, as some of her colleagues already have. The company, which builds ballot machines used in American elections, is currently suing Fox News in a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit, claiming that they were wrongly accused of facilitating fraud.

When Dominion threatens to sue for billions of dollars and media outlets are too terrified to even talk about election fraud, how can any American ever express concerns about the verified tens of thousands of votes cast in battleground states by individuals with fake addresses?