General Michael Flynn Says “Authenticity” Of Donald Trump Will Remake GOP

( General Michael Flynn, the retired U.S. Army lieutenant general and former National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump, told the Western Journal last week that the 45th President was imperfect, but that he believes he will remake the Republican Party.

During an interview with the Western Journal, Flynn ripped into the Republican establishment and described how he thinks the GOP will change following President Donald Trump’s first term in the White House.

“Donald Trump is not a perfect guy,” he told the conservative news outlet. “He never said he was. What he is, is he’s tough…he’s not an establishment guy. He’s a Washington outsider.”

It’s exactly the same pitch that trump offered during his 2016 presidential campaign, and one that won him the White House.

“And that’s what the American people wanted then, that’s what they wanted in 2020 and I believe in 2024, if we are able to have a free, fair and transparent election,” he added.

Flynn talked about his time working with the former president, describing him as an “authentic guy.”

“I used to introduce him at rallies in the 2016 campaign as the most imperfect, and I’ll say that again, as the most imperfect candidate you’re ever going to vote for to be president of the United States,” he added.

And while it might seem unconventional, it was a message welcomed by the former president.

Following the second impeachment hearing of Donald Trump, which saw him acquitted by the Senate on Saturday, the Republican Party now faces two years to figure out a winning message and retake the House of Representatives. The party has already seen efforts by anti-Trump “conservatives” like Rep. Liz Cheney side with the Democrats by laying blame at Trump’s feet for the deadly riot that occurred on January 6 in Washington, D.C.

Cheney, who won an internal vote to remain the House Republican Conference Chair, faces a bitter battle to keep her seat in the next primary season, with former President Trump rumored to be preparing to help oust her.

But despite President Trump leaving the White House, establishment Republicans like Cheney face an uncertain future in the party. Flynn told the Western Journal that “the establishment is not a good place to be” in the 2022 and 2024 Republican primaries.

“If you’re defined as an establishment candidate in the 2024 presidential election, I don’t believe that’s going to happen,” he said. “I actually don’t believe it’s going to happen too much in the 2022 congressional elections. I mean, look at what they just did to Liz Cheney up in Wyoming, you know, for what she did.”

Cheney was the focus of a number of rallies and demonstrations attended by high-profile Republicans, including Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Flynn also said that he didn’t know whether the former president intended to run again in 2024, but added that he believes Donald Trump gave the country “authenticity.”

“People want authentic leadership and leaders do matter,” he said. “And I do believe that going forward, they’re going to look for that authenticity in the people that they vote for.”