Ghislaine Maxwell Losing Her Hair And Weight Amid Tough Prison Sentence

( Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite and long-time confidante and partner of billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, claims she is losing weight and her hair is falling out in prison. Lawyers representing the rich daughter of publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell claim that conditions are too tough, as she awaits trial in a high-profile sex trafficking case.

Attorney Bobbi Sternheim wrote a letter to United States District Judge Alison Nathan claiming that while Maxwell’s weight is “fairly consistent,” she has lost “over 15 pounds” and is “sustaining hair loss.”

Maxwell’s lawyers’ claims came in response to a letter from the federal Bureau of Prisons to the judge, in which lawyers representing the body said that Maxwell was being treated the same as any other prisoner and was perfectly healthy. The lawyers noted that Maxwell was a healthy 134 pounds in weight, fluctuating two pounds above and below and that she had access to prison facilities during the day.

However, attorneys representing Maxwell, who is tied up in several cases of trafficking of underage girls when her partner Jeffrey Epstein was alive, say that she is suffering “onerous” terms of imprisonment. The lawyers complain that Maxwell is subject to strip searches and is awoken every 15 minutes at night by flashlights.

The regular checks, however, appear to be a measure to ensure that Maxwell does not commit suicide, as reports suggested Epstein did while in prison.

Sternheim dismissed claims from the federal Bureau of Prisons that Maxwell was being fed three meals per day in accordance with the national prison menu, saying that the meals may now be consistent but that they were not during her first six weeks of imprisonment. He also alleges that Maxwell is denied access to movies, religious services, and education, despite the Bureau insisting the opposite.

“It is obvious that Ms. Maxwell is bearing the brunt of BOP incompetence,” the attorney claimed.

But is she?

Prison staff already have a huge job on their hands ensuring that Maxwell doesn’t commit suicide and deny Epstein victims a chance to see her in court. Epstein allegedly committed suicide last year while in the BOP Metropolitan Correction Center in Manhattan, though many questions remain unanswered about his death.

Maxwell faces charges of recruiting women and underage girls to be sexually abused by Epstein.