Google Threatens To Remove Search Function From Australia

(ConservativePeak)- Need more evidence that Google is a part of the Big Tech monopoly? No? Well, we’re going to show you some more anyway.

Google, the search engine and advertising giant, is threatening to remove its search function in Australia if a new law that would require big tech companies to compensate media organizations is passed. It’s a shocking example of the power of Big Tech, with Google threatening to disrupt how millions of Australians use the Internet every day unless the government reconsiders the passing of new laws.

Under the proposed legislation which was introduced to the Australian Parliament in December last year, social media giant Facebook and search giant Google would be forced to negotiate fees with news companies who content appears on their platforms.

It’s no doubt shocking to the two platforms as it would set a precedent and could encourage other countries to do the same. And imagine if Google was forced to pay for content it uses to promote its platform…what a novel thought!

Under the proposed legislation, if a negotiation breaks down between the tech giant and the news companies, then a fee would be decided by an independent adjudicator based on the “final offer” method which would choose one side’s position.

Naturally, Facebook and Google have both slammed the idea as “Unworkable” as it would drastically reduce their profits and force them to pay out for content that helps keep their platforms alive. And for this to happen at a time when social media giants are being called out for their abuses of power, it’s in the interests of Big Tech to fight this battle tooth and nail.

Regulators in Australia recently found that for every $100 that is spent on digital advertising, some $53 goes to Google, and $28 to Facebook. That leaves just $19 to a wide range of other online platforms, showing that the two companies are giants in online advertising and wouldn’t want to lose that footing.

In a last ditched effort, Google’s Managing Director said that they would withdraw their search functions from the entire country if the law goes ahead.

“The principle of unrestricted linking between web sites is fundamental to search and, coupled with the unmanageable financial and operational risk, if this version of the code were to become law, it would give us no real choice but to stop making Google Search available in Australia,” Mel Silva said.

It looks like Australia might become the first nation to finally, fully stand up to Big Tech. We’ll be watching this story and updating you as it progresses.