“Hanoi Jane” Fonda to Host Joe Biden Fundraiser

(ConservativePeak.com)- You know Jane Fonda. She’s the ultra-liberal actress who might look amazing for her age, but hides lots of anger behind her smile. Jane Fonda, along with her co-star Lily Tomlin from their Netflix TV show “Grace and Frankie,” is all set to host a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Fonda is still known to this day as “Hanoi Jane” after she was photographed in 1972 sitting on a Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun. In these days she was blacklisted as an actress in Hollywood over her opposition to the war, but today her far-left activism means she’s more popular than ever. No, seriously – what actor could get a gig in Hollywood these days if they endorse the president?

The fundraising event is listed as a “Women for Biden Virtual Conversation” and will take place entirely online. That way, if Joe Biden is involved, he can rely on notes or a hidden teleprompter to make sure he doesn’t appear too confused. The event is scheduled to take place on August 6h and it will be hosted by Fonda and Tomlin. The discussion is set to be moderated by Pat Mitchell, a well-known media businesswoman.

This is just one of several events that will take place in support of the “Women for Biden” campaign that is being pushed all over the country. It’s a campaign of women who are either willing to turn a blind eye to the fact that Joe Biden has been physically inappropriate with women in front of the camera and on the national stage for years, as well as women who deny he ever does it.

The campaign is listed as a “team of supporters from across the country from all classes, ages, races, gender identities, and sexual orentiations,” which is interesting. Gender identities? I thought this was women for Trump…