Ilhan Omar’s Campaign Funded Her Husband’s Consulting Firm

( Ultra-progressive Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar may soon find herself in hot water for actions undertaken by her campaign.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Omar’s election campaign provided almost 80% of last year’s total income for a political consulting firm that is co-owned by Tim Mynett — who is Omar’s husband.

In the 2020 election cycle, Omar’s campaign committee provided more than $2.9 million in funding to the E Street Group, which is the name of her husband’s political consulting firm. The Free Beacon uncovered this information using campaign finance data provided by federal agencies.

In just last year’s election cycle, the E Street Group — run by Mynett and Will Hailer — received 146 checks from the Omar campaign. The final payment that was sent to the firm in early November.

In addition to the payments that came from the campaign of Omar, a progressive Democrat from Minnesota who’s a member of the House of Representatives’ so-called “Squad,” E Street Group also received almost $200,000 from one of Omar’s mentors — Washington Democratic Representative Pramila Jayapal. So, in total, Omar and her cronies dumped almost $3.1 million to her husband’s company.

The Omar campaign spent the money with E Street Group on various consulting, travel, campaign mailings and advertising.

This isn’t the first time that Omar has been criticized for her significant financial ties to Mynett’s consulting firm. Last March, she tweeted in defense of what she was doing:

“My relationship with Tim began long after his work started. We consulted with a top FEC campaign attorney to ensure there were no possible legal issues with our relationship. We were told this is not uncommon and that no, there weren’t.”

In July, Omar was questioned during a debate about $600,000 in payments made from her campaign to the E Street Group over just three weeks. She said:

“I don’t pay my husband. I pay the firm to do work, and that 600 really is an example of that work. And so what we do is that we have this firm really carry out the contractual work that we do with other vendors.”

Then, in September, she told the New York Times that switching to another political consulting firm, to avoid the appearance of anything shady, would be a “stupid thing to do.” She said:

“You don’t stop using the service of people who are doing good work because somebody thinks it means something else. Why would I not work with people who understand my district, who have been working there for 10 years, who understand what it means to raise resources for a candidate like myself and manage and target our communications to our district to battle the misinformation and narratives that the media and our adversaries continue to put out?”

Despite all that money being thrown their way, E Street Group also pilfered money from the federal government in 2020. Public records showed that the firm received a Paycheck Protection Program loan in the amount of $134,800 and $500,000 as part of the federal Economic Injury Disaster Loans program.