Iran Sinks FAKE American Aircraft Carrier Used In Training Exercises

( Iran’s Navy, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, made a massive blunder recently by sinking a fake United States aircraft carrier. Iranian Navy officials sunk a ship used during training exercises in what appears to have either been a mistake…or possibly a way of preparing for real warfare with the United States.

Whether it was an error or deliberate, it’s worrying.

Forbes reports how the sunken carrier was seen in commercial satellite imagery capsized following an attack. It reportedly began to sink when it was being towed to Bandar Abbas after the attack. On July 31, the aircraft carrier was seen leaning “steeply to one side,” the outlet reported, with “half of the flight deck submerged. At this point, the boat is now mostly submerged underwater.

Satellite imagery showing the damaged carrier was published by Forbes and Aurora Intel, a team of intelligence researchers from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Israel.

What a sight!

It might seem funny at first, particularly if this really was an error, but the fact that the Iranian Navy has bot the capability and willingness to sink an American aircraft carrier should be immediately concerning. Especially after the serious escalations we’ve seen in recent years from Iranian leadership.

Missiles were fired from an Iranian helicopter while the aircraft carrier was circled by speedboats. The Navy seems proud of it, too, with footage of the incident being used on Iranian state-run television as propaganda to show Iran’s might in the fight against the United States. You can see some of the propaganda in the video below.

Perhaps what’s most terrifying about Iran is not necessarily their military might – the United States is much more prepared and better-equipped than Iran – but instead their willingness to fight anyway.