Is Trump Preparing to Pardon Roger Stone?

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( During an episode of The Howie Carr Show on Thursday, President Donald Trump said he was looking at pardoning Roger Stone.

Political advisor and consultant Roger Stone is a controversial figure who has advised major political candidates and presidents over decades and was an early advisor of Donald Trump before he formally began his 2016 campaign. Stone was tied up in the Robert Mueller Russia investigation and convicted of witness tampering and making false statements. Many believe that the accusations are wrong, and some believe that the prison sentence he faces is too harsh, pushing speculation that President Donald Trump could pardon Stone completely.

Carr asked President Trump about it.

“Roger Stone, he quoted today as saying he’s praying for a c or pardon from you,” Carr said. “He has to report to prison. He’s been ordered by the BOP to report to prison next Tuesday. Are you going to do anything for Roger Stone? He was framed. I mean, talk about a witch hunt,” he said.

President Donald Trump echoed the sentiment, saying that he also thinks he was set up.

“He was framed,” Trump said. “He was treated horribly. He was treated so badly. He had a foreman or a foreperson who should not have been there. How that trial wasn’t redone is incredible. He was treated very badly. Well, if you say he is praying his prayer may be answered. Let’s find out what happens.”

Carr asked the president if he would be “more definite” about his answer, and Trump continued by saying he thinks Stone is a “character” but a “really good person.”

“I’ll tell you the way he was treated. I go all over, and they have signs. They don’t even know him really, but they know he was taking advantage of just like many others. And yet in the meantime, Obama spied on our campaign,” he said.

There you have it. President Donald Trump really might be about to step in and stop Roger Stone from being sent down after being set up by the hoax Russia investigation. If he does, though, he’ll need to do it soon. Stone is expected to report to prison in a matter of days.