Joe Biden CHICKENS OUT Of Chris Wallace Interview, Team Says He’s “Not Available”

( Fox News host Chris Wallace recently held a one-on-one interview with President Donald Trump in the scorching July sunshine. It was a frank exchange of questions and answers which got heated at some points, and during the discussion, President Donald Trump questioned whether presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would be able to handle a similar interview.

Wallace announced on Sunday that Fox News had reached out to Joe Biden’s team, but were disappointed to hear that he was “not available” to do an interview with Wallace.

Speaking to fellow Fox anchor Bret Baier, Wallace explained what happened.

“The fact is, the president is out there. He’s out there in this boiling heat with me for an hour; he took all the questions,” he said. “You can like his answers or dislike them but he had answers and Joe Biden hasn’t faced that kind of scrutiny, hasn’t faced that kind of exposure,” he said.

In recent weeks Joe Biden has left his basement on occasion to attend scripted press conferences where he reads from a teleprompter to a room of just a handful of journalists. It has been many months, however, since Biden last held a real press conference. It was weeks before lockdown even started that Biden last held a press conference.

What is he hiding from?

Wallace gave Biden the benefit of the doubt, assuming in good faith that the claim he is not available is simply true. He announced on air, therefore, that Fox News will continue asking Biden’s team for an interview “every week.” If Biden never accepts the offer for the interview then it’s pretty clear that this isn’t a scheduling conflict…

During the interview with Wallace, President Trump explained why he thinks Biden would have a problem doing a similar interview.

“And you know why I won’t lose, because the country in the end, they’re not going to have a man who, who’s shot,” Trump said. “He’s shot, he’s mentally shot. Let him come out of his basement, go around, I’ll make four or five speeches a day, I’ll be interviewed by you, I’ll be interviewed by the worst killers that hate my guts. They hate my guts. There’s nothing they can ask me that I won’t give them a proper answer to. Some people will like it, some people won’t like it.”

Wallace agreed with him, saying “I agree with that. You answer the questions.”

Can you imagine the difficulty Biden would have in confrontational situations like this? If they’re already ignoring requests for interviews, what do you think the chances of them boycotting the debates are, too?