Joe Rogan Predicts Twitter COLLAPSE, Will Go The Way Of Blockbuster

( Remember Blockbuster Video? You might, but lots of millennials probably won’t. It was the video rental store that was huge all over the world. Before the Internet – or at least before reliable Internet speeds – it was the best way to see the latest movies released on VHS without having to pay full price to own it.

Since the arrival of streaming services, however, the store now only has a single remaining store in the United States. And Joe Rogan, the well-known California comedian who hosts one of the most popular podcasts in the world, predicts that social media giant Twitter is heading for the same fate.

During an episode of his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, which was published last week, Rogan said that he thinks people will look back on the time of Twitter as they do Blockbuster Video.

“I think Twitter’s gonna be like Blockbuster video. I think we’re gonna look back, ‘You remember when we used to communicate through Twitter? Like, oh my God, it was so toxic. Everybody was so mean,’” he said.

“We’re going to hit some new thing, next, that is going to read each other’s minds…it’s going to make this seem like nonsense,” he added. “There is no empathy in these conversations and that’s a big part of the problem.”

Rogan’s comments about a system that reads minds is likely a result of his extensive conversations with Tesla and Space X founder Elon Musk. The two have hosted several hours-long podcasts together before in which they discuss the future of technology like Neuralink – a technology pioneered by Musk and his team that reads minds and helps improve brain function.

It’s an interesting thought, but as it stands, no social media platform has even come close to Twitter in terms of its userbase. Facebook is simply not the same, as it provides private accounts for the most part, which allow people to communicate with friends and family. Twitter is a global and public forum where world leaders, politicians, the media, celebrities, and normal people come together to talk.

Given Twitter’s tendency to silence people who don’t subscribe to their left-wing California worldview, however, perhaps the end of Twitter wouldn’t be a bad thing.