LAPD Officers WON’T Receive Overtime Pay, Despite Protecting People From RIOTS

( The city of Los Angeles has chosen to retroactively defund overtime pay for Los Angeles Police Department officers who put themselves in the line of fire during the far-left Black Lives Matter riots. LAPD police officers have worked overtime in recent weeks as people have continued rioting, burning down buildings, and fighting in the streets in what was meant to be a campaign for justice for George Floyd.

Police officers have been smeared by their own mayor, described as animals by protestors, and despite working night and day to keep people safe, now won’t be paid for their time.

According to an internal letter seen by Breitbart, LA Police Department Chief Michael Moore said that the department’s overtime topped $40 million, and that it “far exceeds any budgetary reserve to address unusual occurrences.”

Moore described how the events over recent days were “extraordinary” but made no reference to the fact that it was Black Lives Matter who were responsible for the chaos. As a result of the huge overtime costs, the LAPD announced that overtime would be retroactively defunded as of June 7. That means anyone who worked overtime after June 7 will be paid whatever the department considers “appropriate.”

The Police Department and city government may have an argument if it weren’t for the fact that they refused to call in the National Guard for help. President Donald Trump gave a speech outside the White House after the first weekend of violence, telling governors and mayors to request the support of the National Guard. Los Angeles, and the Governor of California, refused that support and as a result the police were left to manage the crowds by themselves.

Had that happened, perhaps that police overtime wouldn’t have been necessary.

All “nonessential” overtime is being canceled by the LAPD, too, with the one exception of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. One LAPD officer told Breitbart that his colleagues were “beyond pissed.”

“Guys and gals are beyond pissed,” the officer said. “Many are actively looking to quit and go to another department. Some in, and some out of the state.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti hasn’t exactly been respectful to the police lately, either. Mayor Garcetti describes his own city’s police officers as “killers” in a conversation with black LA leaders, which prompted a backlash from the police force.

The Director for the LA Police Protective League, Jamie McBride, described Garcetti as “unstable.”

“We are worried about him and worried about his future, and the safety of our citizens,” McBride said. “He is more interested in his image and how he’s looked upon, as opposed to being a leader in difficult times.”

If LAPD officers walk, who will protect the people from mobs of violent protesters destroying businesses and tearing down statues? Maybe the state will have to finally call in the National Guard, like Trump said…