Lincoln Project LIED About Trump’s July 5th Speech

VIDEO — Trump Fights Back in Fiery CPAC Speech

( By now you’ve probably heard of the Lincoln Project. It’s the Never Trump group that is actively working to hand Congress to the Democrats in November and to get Joe Biden in the White House. The organization believes it is essential to embarrass Trump so badly so they can usher in a new era of…pseudo Republicanism?

The organization, led by George Conway, Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and others, has been caught out for lying about President Donald Trump’s speech recently. Their lie was so bad that even Twitter was forced to take action, labeling a video they published “manipulated media” because of the way they portrayed his comments.

The Lincoln Project asked, “What’s wrong with the president?” alongside a video that tried to make it sound as if Trump said Operation Desert Storm occurred in Vietnam. Presumably, the organization thought that Twitter’s clear bias against Trump would mean they could say and do what they like, but with such an egregious lie, Twitter couldn’t not take action.

Looking at the embedded tweet above, you’ll see the red exclamation mark and “Manipulaed media” notice, warning you before you watch that it has been edited. The source tweet that contained the video has even been deleted since.

The full video was remarkably different. Trump didn’t say anything even close to what their video claimed he did.

Not only was Twitter forced to defend the president, but the lie was also so big that “fact checker” Snopes even dismissed it as a lie.

“During a portion of his speech in which Trump was lauding the prowess of U.S. military aircraft, he stumbled over the word ‘sweeping’ (either because the teleprompter displayed the wrong word, or he simply misread it), and thus the historical progression he was invoking at the time (from World War II to Korea to Vietnam to Desert Storm) got a bit lost in the shuffle,” Snopes wrote. “But a transcript of his words clearly shows his references to Vietnam and Desert Storm were two separate thoughts, not a declaration that the latter took place in the former.”

Of course, everyone watching this knew that. But it doesn’t matter. They’ll say anything to get Trump out. There are only so many lies social media giants can tolerate before their hypocrisy becomes too blatant, though.