LOL: “Atlantic” Writer Suggests Shops Boarding Up Windows…Because Of Trump

( Anne Applebaum, a writer at The Atlantic, Tweeted on Sunday that the reason why shops are boarding up their windows in Democrat-run cities is President Donald Trump. Applebaum ignored the fact that left-wing rioters have already destroyed cities in the name of their brand of far-left, progressive radicalism and instead tried to blame the tension and fear on Republicans.

“When conservatives celebrated Trump’s election 4 years ago, did they know that in 2020 we would board up shops, prepare for riots and the arrival of militias, game out ways he might steal the election, protest aggressive vote suppression?” she said.

“This is what he has done to America,” she added.

But…is it?

Cities throughout the United States have faced unprecedented violence and rioting this year. Portland, Oregon, experienced more than 100 consecutive days of violence across its city. It saw many police officers physically harmed by rioters. Some officers were blinded by left-wing rioters who targeted them with high-strength lasers, while others were hurt with bricks and explosives.

Andy Ngo, editor-at-large at The Post Millennial, has published footage of the dangerous left-wing riots throughout the year. On election day, he published footage of damage caused by Antifa in Portland on the night before.

“On the eve of Election Day, around 100 antifa gathered in downtown Portland. They marched to Portland State where they smashed buildings & broke inside a Starbucks,” he said.

“They dumped flammable liquid inside but were dispersed by officers before starting a fire,” he added.

Is Applebaum right that President Trump did this? Or…did left-wing activists do t