Majority of College Students Happy to Return to Campus Before Vaccine

( According to a new Axios poll, a majority of American students are willing to go back to school in the fall even before a vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus is made available. Some 65% of respondents are happy to return to campus and ditch their videoconference classes, with only 31% of people saying they would prefer to continue with virtual classes until a vaccine is available.

Sooner or later, people are going to have to accept that if the economy and normal life doesn’t start returning to normal soon, the economic damage done by the lockdown is going to take many years to fix.

Some 4% of respondents said that they plan on withdrawing from their studies completely if a vaccine is not available by the autumn, showing that quite a small minority of students are willing to let the Chinese virus dictate their future.

The report comes as students all over the country are taking classes online, with professors hosting seminars and lessons via Zoom and other video conferencing apps. Axios found that students believe online classes are proving less productive, with almost half of respondents saying they are attending class less often as a result of being away from the campus. A majority of students also said they felt too distracted by being at home to learn.

“The desire to attend classes in person comes as students report that the virtual education experience is full of pitfalls,” the Axios report says. “45% say they attend class less often and more than 70% say they’re distracted by their phone, computer, and things going on at home.”

Video calls are proving a problem in other ways, too. Zoom classes are regularly “bombed” by online trolls who find links to the classes, only to join and pretend to be a student. Some share sexually explicit material in the classes while others play pranks and record the results for YouTube videos.

A University of Miami professor was also forced to resign recently after a bookmark of a pornographic website was seen on his browser during a Zoom conference. Professor John Peng Zhang had a bookmark labeled “busty college girls” on his computer, which students noticed and published a video to prove it.

I think everyone is itching to get back to normal at this point!