Man Attacked By Antifa During Million MAGA March SPEAKS OUT

( A man who was physically assaulted by Antifa and Democrat activists during the Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C. spoke out this week. The young Republican, who was seen in footage being attacked by left-wing extremists as his girlfriend appeared visibly distressed, told supporters of President Donald Trump to remain unafraid of left-wing radicals.

Speaking to Breitbart News, 26-year-old Charles Downs explained what happened before the attack took place. He described how protecting his girlfriend from rioters and taking her to safety was his “number one priority the entire time.”

You can see the footage of Downs and his girlfriend being attacked, with liquid and eggs thrown at them as they tried to get out of the way.

Downs explained that he was at the Hotel Harrington above Harry’s Restaurant in Washington DC on the ninth floor, and decided to walk out and head home after spending a few hours with a friend in the hotel. He described how D.C. Police had sidewalks blocked off “so you could only walk in a specific way.”

“I saw that there were a few stories written about this how they blocked a few roads, and the only roads they didn’t block led the protesters into the counter-protesters,” he claimed. “That’s kind of what happened with us, the roads were blocked and we were kind of just walking, trying to find an exit where the street was normal so we could call a cab or get an Uber home.”

He said they then came to a street where protesters were playing drums, and halfway down the street, people came up to them who he believed were not from Washington, D.C.

“My girlfriend has a Washington Nationals hat on and who from D.C. would rip off a Nationals hat and stomp on it?” he asked. “It just doesn’t make sense.”

He then described how they began attempting to push him to the ground, kicking him in his legs and mid-section. He also said that far-left male activist pushed his girlfriend to the ground.

“And then I was able to grab her and then started leading her out and like I said, that’s when the cameras came on,” he added.

Downs said that when the cameras caught him giving a thumbs up, that it was a message to Trump supporters.

“I don’t want the world to be afraid of these people because at such an important time in our country, people should be marching peacefully,” he said.

You can catch the whole interview here.