Michael Moore Panics, Tells Democrats It’s About The CANDIDATE, Not Russia

(ConservativePeak.com)- Michael Moore might be a far-left activist, and he might make insane and sweeping statements about Republicans (and even recently said people would love to see a movie where vigilantes kill cops) but he also seems to know when the Democrats are making bad decisions.

The far-left filmmaker said this week that the Democrats need to “wake up” on the issue of President Donald Trump soaring in the polls, and told Democrat leaders that they “can’t blame this one on the PO or Russia.”

Well, he’s right.

Citing a poll showing Trump leading in Michigan, Moore said someone needs to “pull the fire alarm NOW.”

“Where are the stories about Trump gaining on Biden? Below’s a poll from Fi in Michigan. Last week Trump pulled within 4 pts of Biden. Now in one poll Trump is AHEAD of Biden in MI 47-45. Yet so many Dems convinced Trump’ll lose. DANGER!”

It’s certainly interesting because President Donald Trump won the election comfortable in 2016, and did so despite all the polls showing he would lose. Such is the “Shy Trump” effect, whereby people vote for Trump without telling the pollsters about it. If that happens this time when around, when Trump is leading in the polls, it’s possible he could win by an even bigger margin this time around.

Moore seems to be aware of this too. In another tweet, he showed how during the same week in August, Hillary was significantly ahead of candidate Trump. But, in the past week, some of the swing states Show Biden with a smaller lead than Hillary had. That’s when he told the Dems to “WAKE UP!” and that they can’t blame it on Russia or the Post Office.

Because they can’t. How can they?

Did the Democrats not see this coming when they refused to even acknowledge the riots, only to eventually admit they are happening but try and blame Trump for them?

Ask yourself: who are the rioters voting for in November?