Michelle Obama Calls For Congress To Vote On Dangerous Bill

(ConservativePeak.com)- Former First Lady Michelle Obama, who claims to hate politics, is sticking her nose into politics and insisting that Congress pass a dangerous bill that would open up all future elections to fraud, misconduct, and irregularities.

Speaking about bill H.R.1., or the “For The People Act,” Michelle Obama said she was “thrilled” to see it passed by the House of Representatives.

“Now, I urge the Senate to follow suit-nothing is more important to our democracy than safeguarding our right to vote,” she said.

The problem? The legislation does not safeguard the right to vote.

Should the Senate pass the bill, it would punish states who do not permanently provide unsolicited mail-in ballots to all the state’s voters…and to everyone still on the voter rolls who have already left for pastures anew.

Mass mail-in voting was introduced in several Democrat-run states for the 2020 presidential election to help people vote without exposing themselves to the COVID-19 virus, but the rule changes resulted in several legal challenges, bitter national debate and arguments, and even instances of fraud and irregularities.

Data analyst Matt Braynard discovered tens of thousands of votes in just a handful of battleground states, including Nevada, which used ineligible commercial properties as the addresses for those who cast the votes.

Conservative commentator Steven Crowder even sent members of his own staff to check out the addresses, only to discover empty lots and commercial buildings.

Under the For The People Act, Democrats would reduce the number of congressional seats assigned to states that don’t implement mass mail-in voting.

It would ban voter ID, making voting less safe, and implement same-day registration across the entire country. Social security number requirements would be removed, there would be internet-only registration, and motor vehicle registration would be available for everybody…making it easier for illegal aliens to vote.

For as long as Democrats benefitted from the vote of illegal aliens, the radical new legislation could usher in an era of Democrat rule that lasts for decades or more.