Mike Cernovich To Challenge Governor Newsom

(ConservativePeak.com)- If California Governor Gavin Newsom does indeed have to face a recall election, there is at least one person who said he’d step up to the plate to run against him.

Mike Cernovich, a “conservative firebrand,” said he is ready to enter the race if there is one.

The petitioners of the #RecallGavin2020 campaign still have more than a month to collect the necessary 1.5 million signatures to move to the next step in the recall process. Under California code, if they are successful, they would force a special election between the governor and any challengers.

Right now, the petitioners need only another 200,000 valid signatures to meet that goal. They have through March 17 to collect the signatures.

The requirements to be a candidate in a special recall election are a lot lower than under normal circumstances. As such, Newsom would potentially face a slew of challengers if that were to happen.

On Monday, Cernovich posted a video on Periscope that said he’d throw his hat into the ring, even though he knows he has about a “0% chance” of actually winning. In this video, Cernovich said:

“I have no delusion about that, but if I can get enough of a base of support, I can force hair gel Hitler, which is what we call Newsom, to answer for his human rights violations.”

Newsom’s critics have been loud since the start of the pandemic, when he’s taken aggressive actions to try to curb the spread of the coronavirus. California was the first state to put in stay-at-home orders during the early stages of the pandemic.

Then, when the second wave began, he put in more restrictive orders to many places throughout the state. At the same time, though, he was photographed dining at a fancy restaurant in Napa Valley called the French Laundry. Even though the governor had placed restrictions on activities like that, he and his rich friends were dining in luxury, seated close to each other while not wearing masks.

The Public Policy Institute of California released a poll in December that showed Newsom still has a 58% approval rating from residents. And Gray Davis, who is the only other governor in California who has been recalled, said he was confident Newsom would still receive support from residents of the state.

Davis said:

“There will come a point — March, April, May — where the light bulb goes on in everyone’s mind and they realize this is going to end, this is going to be behind us, and we can finally get back to not exactly normal but pretty close to normal. That hasn’t happened yet, and he still has decent favorability ratings, and with good news happening in [2021], I would be on him than anyone else.”

Still, that isn’t stopping Cernovich from plowing ahead. He recounted that when Davis was recalled in 2003, there were 135 candidates that appeared on the ballot to oppose him. That’s something that Cernovich said he’d welcome:

“The more, the merrier. People have to use the Democratic process.”