Mike Pompeo Warns China Nuclear Arsenal Has Become A Threat

(ConservativePeak.com)-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this week issued a stark warning about China, writing in an op-ed in Newsweek on Monday that the United States should be concerned about China’s nuclear build-up.

In the piece, he said that the Chinese Communist Party’s lies “can have vast and terrible consequences” and called on the United States – and likely, a future Joe Biden administration – to push China for transparency on its nuclear weapons buildup.

Does anyone believe that Joe Biden has even the slightest intention to get tough on China?

“As the United States, our allies and our partners renew calls for transparency about the virus, we also urge Beijing to come clean about another danger: China’s opaque and threatening nuclear weapons buildup,” Pompeo wrote.

It could be one of the last honest messages we get from the United States government for at least four years.

Pompeo recalled the “Trust, but verify” strategy of the Reagan era, but said that China today provides no transparency overs its growing nuclear arsenal.

“Today, China allows no such transparency for the world’s fastest-growing nuclear arsenal,” he said. “Beijing refuses to disclose how many nuclear weapons it has, how many it plans to develop, or what it plans to do with them. It is the least transparent of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.”

And this is the country that the Biden family did business with, and that President-elect Joe Biden plans to normalise relations with.

Pompeo also describes how the Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping championed a plan to develop what they call a “world-class” military by 2049, with the development of the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force.

“Satellite imagery shows the PLA’s advances toward that goal, with a 2019 military parade in Beijing featuring nuclear-capable missiles,” he wrote. “The display stretches nearly 3 miles—almost 10 miles longer than the same segment a decade ago, and certainly only a fraction of the total arsenal.”

China also showcased a Dongfeng-41 missile that, he says, could be fired at American shores within just 30 minutes.

In the near future, he says China plans to launch this missile from mobile platforms.

Pompeo said that the Trump administration has awakened the world to the threat that China poses, and said that the nation’s actions should be “of concern to all peace-loving nations.”

But will Joe Biden and far-left Senator Kamala Harris ever listen?