MORE California Counties OPEN In Defiance of Governor Newsom

(ConservativePeak.Com)- It’s easy to think California is lost to the radical left and the Democrats, but counties throughout the state are resisting the executive overreach from Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom and opening up their economies.

Last week, two more counties in California chose to re-open many businesses while maintaining sensible social distancing measures, in clear defiance of the stay-at-home order issued by Governor Newsom.

Newsom claims that his order overrides any county directives, but locals don’t seem to care.

Sutter and Tuba, two neighboring counties in the north of California, made the same decision as Modoc County to re-open businesses with extra measures put in place to protect customers. Restaurants, for instance, will have their maximum capacity halved to ensure people are not sat immediately next to one another.

The Yuba County public health office released a statement which said, “This is a time for personal responsibility in minimizing our movements and physical interactions.”

“It is up to all of us to show respect for each other’s health and safety by adhering to guidance on facial coverings, social distancing, small group gatherings, and good hand hygiene,” it continued.

Dr Phuong Luu, the Yuba-Sutter County Health Officer, also explained that waiting any longer to re-open businesses throughout the region would make health and economic problems worse in the long run. In short, it would mean the cure is worse than the virus, as President Donald Trump has already said.

“We cannot wait for a vaccine without seeing extreme economic damage done to our community,” Luu said. “The consequences of waiting will be additional health concerns brought on by stress and the very real dilemma for those with limited resources whether to buy life-saving food or life-saving medicines.”

Luu isn’t politically motivated, either. At the beginning of April, she issued a warning to the public to stay at home and help flatten the infection curve.

Now, she’s giving different advice based on new information. Isn’t that what we want from public officials – to adapt decisions based on the latest and best information?

The new order is designed to give businesses that have “low-medium risk for contact intensity” to reopen, including gyms, restaurants, and barbershops. They must, however, take extra precautions.