Morgues Running Out Of Space As The U.S. Sets Yet Another Record For COVID-19 Cases

( The United States continues to set new records — for something they’d rather not be known for.

On Thursday, the country recorded 77,255 new coronavirus cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. That surpassed the previous record, which was set only two days ago. There were also almost 1,000 deaths reported on Thursday related to COVID-19.

In total, there have been almost 140,000 deaths from COVID-19 in America since the pandemic began. Medical experts are concerned that number is about to rise substantially in the near future as cases surge and hospitals are becoming overwhelmed.

Southern states are seeing a double whammy of hospital patients plus extreme heat, which is causing people to faint as they wait on stretchers outside for available testing. The public health authority in Hidalgo County in South Texas, Dr. Ivan Melendez, said some people are waiting for up to 10 hours on a stretcher before they can be examined. The state just doesn’t have the resources. He said:

“We are in dire need, and we are exhausted. We had four ICU patients. Now we have 211. We had three people on ventilators. Now we have 135.”

On Thursday, Hidalgo County reported more than 1,200 new cases. In total, the county has recorded 10,000 COVID-19 cases.

Surging cases in populous states such as Texas, Florida, California and Arizona are leading to a massive shortage of beds at hospitals. In total, there have been 3.5 recorded cases of coronavirus as of Friday, and 39 states reported an uptick in cases this week as compared to last week.

An emergency physician in Arizona, Dr. Murtaza Akhter, described the situation in his state as a “clogged sink with the faucet still running.” Patients there are fainting because of the extreme heat they are exposed to while they wait in backed-up coronavirus testing lines.

The region with the most COVID-19 cases in the state, Maricopa County, is working to secure portable coolers to serve as storage for bodies. That’s because morgues in the country are filling up, according to officials with the medical examiner’s officer.

The same is being done in Bexar County in Texas, which includes San Antonio. Ditto for Dallas, Hidalgo and Cameron counties in Texas, all of which are running out of space quickly in their morgues. The medical examiner in Dallas County, Dr. Jeffrey Barnard, said:

“I anticipate that we will at some point have to use the truck again based on continuing increased volume.”

He is referring to an external refrigerated truck the county may have to utilize as a portable storage unit for bodies.

In the meantime, cases continue to surge as the debate over mask usage rages on. In Georgia, for example, the Democratic mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, is butting heads with Republican Governor Brian Kemp over this issue.

Kemp sued Bottoms and other local government leaders over their issuance of mask mandates. While the governor has “strongly encouraged” people to wear masks, he has continued to say local governments don’t have the ability to enact local mask mandates.