Nancy Pelosi Joins D.C. Riots With Her Guards…Doesn’t Social Distance!

( Despite claiming the riots in D.C. are peaceful, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi turned up to join the protests on Wednesday surrounded by a personal team of guards. The controversial Democratic lawmaker turned out to protest the death of George Floyd, a tragedy that the whole country including the Republicans and President Donald Trump were shocked by, but in doing so undermined her own defense of the nature of the protests.

Pelosi, wearing a mask and sunglasses, was surrounded by guards as she walked through crowds of people chanting, shouting, and waving banners.

Footage shows the press surrounding Pelosi as she waves with excitement to the protesters, knowing very well that the people burning down and destroying the city are the people who will vote for her party’s candidate in the November presidential elections.

This is the same Nancy Pelosi, by the way, who warned on Wednesday that the protests could potentially cause the Chinese coronavirus to start spreading again.

“I am indeed concerned about that, because it is true that wearing a mask and social distancing are very important to stopping the spread,” she said during an interview with Morning Joe. “And as people go out there, I hope that they know they’re taking a risk, as well as bringing home – but there’s been some good social distancing among some of the crowds and on TV, they all look like they’re very close together…I think some of them are probably practicing social distancing. Let us hope so.”

In the footage, however, Pelosi clearly isn’t social distancing. She was mobbed by supporters shouting “thank you Nancy!” and she was loving it.

She wasn’t the only Democrat to go out and join the rioters, either. Failed presidential candidate and far-left politicians Senator Elizabeth Warren attended a protest near the White House with her husband. Speaking to rioters in the crowd, she accused the president of “Imposing violence on our people.”

An interesting claim, given that President Donald Trump has repeatedly told the nation that he will use his power as president to restore law and order and protect people from being attacked (or having their businesses destroyed) by the rioters that the Democrats keep defending.