NAUGHTY: Topless Protestors Storm Bernie Sanders’ Stage at Rally

( – Bernie Sanders got the shock (or delight!) of his life on Sunday night when three topless protestors stormed the stage of his rally.

The same night, a crazed vegan activist grabbed his microphone and began rambling about the dairy industry before Bernie was forced to cut her off. As he was introducing his wife to the crowd, a (fully clothed) young woman took to the stage and attempted to grab the microphone out of Sanders’ hand.

When he pulled the mic away from her, the activist realized another microphone remained on the podium, and began speaking into it.

“Bernie, I’m your biggest supporter and I’m here to ask you to stop propping up the dairy industry and to stop propping up animal agriculture…I believe in you!” she shouted, before engineers turned off the microphone.

Sanders was faced with a difficult dilemma. He initially tried to grapple the second microphone away from her, but realized how it may look if he put his hands on a female activist in front of the world’s media. Instead, he stepped away and signalled to engineers to cut the sound.

Then, three new protestors appeared on stage, naked from the waist up.

Video shows Sanders panicking and indicating to security to take action. One of the topless protestors was holding a sign that read “Let Dairy Die.” The two others poured red liquid on themselves, before security got involved and led them away.

It’s one of the craziest things we’re likely to see on the campaign trail, and a sign that presidential candidates perhaps aren’t taking security as seriously as they should be. You can see it unfold yourself in the video footage below.

The first woman to take the stage was identified by The Hill as Priya Sawhney. She is a representative of Direct Action Everywhere, an extremist animal rights network.

The organization released a statement following the stunt, explaining, “The three women were arrested for indecent exposure and are currently being held on $2500 bond each.”

“If Bernie truly cares about justice, he will stop propping up the dairy industry, which relies on the abuse of female cows,” it continued.

What do you think, was it an awkward moment for Bernie, or a thrill he won’t be forgetting any time soon?