NBA Will Paint “Black Lives Matter” On All Basketball Courts

( Black Lives Matter, the far-left, anti-capitalist, revolutionary Marxist organization that is responsible for American cities being destroyed in recent weeks, is everywhere. Virtually every major corporation and brand you know and interact with is promoting the BLM message, and it looks like the NBA is set to do the same.

ESPN reports that the National Basketball Association, as well as the NBA Players Union, are preparing to paint “Black Lives Matter” around the sides of all basketball courts that will be used in the upcoming league that is expected to start in July in Orlando.

The sports news outlet claims that players “insisted that the fight for racial equality and social justice be a central part of the NBA’s return to play and the WNBA’s new season.”

What about the people who believe in racial equality but who don’t like far-left ideologues that promote the burning down of cities? No, really, they do – take a look at this video of BLM campaign organizer Hank Newsome admitting on Fox News that they will “burn down” the American system “figuratively or literally” during a live TV segment.

Is this what the NBA endorses?

ESPN also reported how many NBA players considered skipping the resumption of the games to focus entirely on social justice issues, instead. Some WNBA players, including Natasha Cloud and Renee Montgomery, have also confirmed they won’t play in this season’s games because they want to focus on obtaining social justice instead.

So I guess now it’s OK to skip work to…what, riot? Endorse riots?

“On a conference call with reporters Friday, leaders of both the NBA and the NBPA said that league and union were discussing several ways to use the NBA’s platform in Orlando to call attention to racial equality, social justice and police brutality,” ESPN reported.

Don’t expect that the sports season will offer a welcome distraction from the political revolution taking place in the streets.

You can’t escape it!