Newt Gingrich Warns That Democrats Vote Like “Robots” For Nancy Pelosi

( If you’ve been wondering how Democrats have so easily passed radical legislation since taking the White House and the Senate in the last election, then former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has an answer for you.

They just vote “like robots” for whatever Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells them to vote for.

During an interview on “The Cats Roundtable” on New York’s WABC 770 AM radio, Gingrich revealed how Democrat leadership is telling members of Congress to vote on bills without reading them.

And they tried to say President Donald Trump was dangerous?

“They have a five-vote margin, and basically they’re saying to their members, ‘You don’t have to read anything; you don’t have to know what’s in it; you don’t have to have any hearings; you can’t offer any amendments; all you need know is to show up and vote yes,'” Gingrich said.

If true, it means that House Speaker Pelosi and Democrat leadership are instructing members of Congress to stop doing their job and not to scrutinize legislation that could be full of flaws, errors, and dangerous proposals.

“It’s the most machine-like House I can remember going back to Joe Cannon in around 1905,” Gingrich added.

The former House Speaker insisted that it represented a “total collapse of the legislative process” whereby Democrats are simply advancing legislation on a partisan basis and functioning like “robots.”

“These folks don’t represent anybody except Nancy Pelosi,” he said. “They walk in. They’re told, ‘we’re bringing up this next bill and vote yes.’”

He added that it was “pure machine politics” and explained how there was a total lack of debate or amendments to legislation – not to mention, a lack of politicians serving their local constituents by insisting that legislation works in their interests.

He also offered an interesting point, which is that the entire system of representative democracy has been undermined by Pelosi, effectively handing law-making over to staffers who write legislation based on the partisan agenda of extremists.

“It has nothing to do with a free society or a representative government,” he said. “It’s just pure machine politics.”

The passing of the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill, which included billions of dollars in “reparations” for non-white farmers, may just be the start.

Imagine what else the Democrats might pass with Nancy Pelosi giving the orders?