NYC Asks Residents to Report Neighbors Who Violate Social Distancing Guidelines

(ConservativePeak.Com)- If you live in New York City, the local government is asking you to rat on your neighbors if you see them breaking social distancing guidelines.

The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation took to twitter to encourage NYC residents to tell the authorities about those who break social distancing guidelines and to remind people that while the parks remain open, people must avoid large gatherings.

“Our parks are open; however, everyone must practice social distancing and keep 6 feet apart from others,” NYC Parks & Recreation said.

“As of today, all playgrounds are closed to the public,” they added, while also confirmed that large gatherings and team sports are banned.

“You can report social distancing violations in action to @nyc311” they also wrote.

Alternatively, NYC residents can report people via a local government website. The “Social Distancing Complaint” site features a portal that encourages people to call 911 if they believe the situation is an emergency.

It also advises that residents may report businesses that are not closed when they should be closed, or if an essential business is open but is not complying with city-wide restrictions. The site also encourages people to report a social distancing violation through an online portal if they see overcrowding anywhere in the city.

Clicking through to the complaint form, users are not restricted in what they can report. The form asks for the date and location where the violation was seen, a thorough description of the violation, as well as personal details about those who are believed to have violated the rules. It even encourages people to give the name, phone numbers, and addresses of the people being reported if that information is known.

The move was not universally popular. Well, it wasn’t very popular with many people at all.

In response to the tweet, one user asked, “Should one be wearing a Brown Shirt when doing this?” Another encouraged people to report violations at “1800-kiss my ass.”

It turns out that Americans don’t like the government telling them to rat in fellow Americans for going about their daily business! Who could have guessed?