NYT Gives Biden Excuses NOT to Debate Trump

(ConservativePeak.com)- We all knew this was going to happen. The New York Times has published a list of reasons that one of its contributors believes give Biden a reason not to engage in debates with President Trump before the November election.

The decision by the New York Times to publish an op-ed defending the possibility of Biden refusing to debate Trump comes at a time when the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is under increased pressure to leave his basement and stop reading from teleprompters. Biden has repeatedly slipped up while reading from teleprompters, forgotten the names of world leaders and even Barack Obama, and appeared confused in interviews on live television.

It wouldn’t be surprising, then, if the Democrats chose not to place Biden in a situation where he can’t rely on teleprompters to correct course when he gets confused. And this opinion piece sets out the framework under which the Democrats could get away with it.

“I worry about Joe Biden debating Donald Trump,” political columnist Thomas Friedman said on Tuesday. “He should do it only under two conditions, otherwise he’s giving Trump unfair advantages.”

Yeah, right.

Friedman used the piece to argue that Biden should only debate Trump if he releases his tax returns, a demand made by Democrats ever since he announced that he would run for President.

Not only that, but Friedman suggested that all debates should have a “real-time fact-checking team approved by both candidates” checking what each candidate says in the debates. He implied that such a move would be necessary to stop the president from lying.

Friedman argued that before the debate ends, the fact-checking team should report back the lies told by each candidate.

Honestly, can you name a fact checker that isn’t biased? Snopes, perhaps one of the biggest fact-checkers in the world, repeatedly tells lies about Republicans. Not to mention, Twitter’s fact-checking team labeled a tweet by President Trump misleading when he said that mail-in ballots present a risk of voter fraud. It does.

Friedman said that Biden “should not go into such a high-stakes moment ceding any advantages to Trump” because “Trump is badly trailing in the polls, and he needs these debates much more than Biden does to win over undecided voters.”

That may be true, but that’s not how elections work. Debates are essential because they expose candidates to real-time questions. Biden has yet to do this, and the debates are the opportunity for the public to see whether the man leading the Democrats into this election is actually capable of thinking on the spot.

The Democrats really do want to hide Biden in a basement until the election is over…