Ohio Minister Will SUE NFL Over Sexual Performances

(Conservativepeak.com) – This year’s Super Bowl was raunchier than ever. The half time performances by singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira featured booty shaking, twerking, and even sexual tongue signals. It was widely criticized by conservatives and parents who expected a family-friendly show, and while all the hype seems to have died down, a former Ohio football coach hasn’t forgotten.

Dave Daubenmire, who is also a minister and the host of an online talk show, has announced that he not only plans to sue the NFL, but will also take action against Fox, Pepsi, and other companies for the sexualized performance.

In a video announcing his plans, Daubenmire said, “I think we ought to go sit down in a courtroom and present this as evidence of how whoever is keeping me from getting into the kingdom of Heaven.”

Daubenmire, like many others, was shocked by the repeated “crotch-grabbing” and the “soft-pornographic” nature of the performance. In his video, he explained how the pop stars had “penetrated the sanctity” of his home and that he had “turned on the TV to watch football, not to watch a pole dance.”

While the pastor’s anger at the performance might chime with other people, much of his comments focused less on the fact it was an inappropriate time for it to take place, and more on his opinions about the performers. On his Monday webcast, he suggested that Lopez was wearing age-inappropriate clothing, and bemoaned the fact that she is fifty years old.

“You go on a porn website, you’re not looking for 50-year-old women,” he said.

However, the seriousness of the man’s claims is thrown into doubt by his claim that he would be happy with a settlement of $867 trillion.

Famous evangelist preacher Franklin Graham has also claimed that the performance has taught young girls to become sexualized. “I don’t expect the world to act like the church, but our country has had a sense of moral decency on prime time television in order to protect children. We see that disappearing before our eyes,” Graham said.

Beyond the sexual nature of the show, the NFL half time show has even been accused of racism. So it’s not just Republicans who aren’t happy! Far-left activists and writers have suggested the show was representative of “racial division” and “fake feminism” proving it’s impossible to keep everybody happy.