Pelosi Doesn’t Condemn Protests, DOES Attack Trump’s Tulsa Rally

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is terrified of President Donald Trump creeping back up in the polls and demonstrating his huge levels of public support by hosting his hugely popular MAGA rallies. On June 20th, President Trump will host his first post-lockdown rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma – and Pelosi isn’t happy about it.

In an interview on CNN on Wednesday, Pelosi unironically attacked the president for hosting the rally, suggesting he was endangering the lives of attendees…despite hundreds of thousands of Democrats and far-left activists taking to the streets over the last two weeks to burn down cities and protest.

“What I am concerned about is the attitude of the President and the vice president of the United States,” she said. “For the President to have this ego trip, he wants to take to Tulsa to have a mass rally of people coming together endangering their own health and the people that they go home to.”

What’s more dangerous Nancy, thousands of people attending a rally on one night, or hundreds of thousands of people rallying and rioting every day for two weeks?

Will Nancy Pelosi condemn the far-left Democrats rioting too?

Pelosi went on to say that she was both concerned about the health of the American people, and concerned about the statements made by the president “minimizing the risk” that coronavirus poses.

“That’s what I’m concerned about. Of course, we always are concerned about the health and safety of the President and the Vice President of the United States and their families,” she also said, managing to keep a straight face.

Pelosi complained that Trump and his team are “blaming this concern about the virus on the press” and said that it’s not something the media has just cooked up. Pelosi even said it wasn’t worth celebrating the success that the United States has seen in controlling the spread of the virus.

Perhaps the truth is that the president’s lack of rallies in recent months has significantly reduced his visibility to normal people all over America, and as soon as he starts appearing at these rallies, he’ll probably start going back up in the polls again.

Will the Democrats fight back by putting Biden in front of crowds of people, or will he keep on hiding in his basement?