Philadelphia Elections Judge Pleads Guilty To Voter Fraud For Stuffing Ballots

( An elections judge in Philadelphia has pleaded guilty to stuffing ballot boxes in return for bribes.
The former judge of elections, Domenick J. DeMuro, was also a former Democratic committeeman in Philadelphia. According to recently-unsealed court documents, he accepted thousands of dollars in bribes from a political consultant in exchange for casting fraudulent ballots and for also certifying phony returns.
On March 16, Demuro pleaded guilty in federal court to one count of conspiracy to deprive persons of civil rights, and also one count of using interstate facilities in aid of bribery.
In a statement, U.S. Attorney William McSwain said:
“DeMuro fraudulently stuffed the ballot box by literally standing in a voting booth and voting over and over, as fast as he could, while he thought the coast was clear. This is utterly reprehensible conduct. The charges announced today do not erase what he did, but they do ensure that he is held to account for those actions.”
The case was prosecuted by the Department of Justice, and began in early March. But it was under seal the entire time and was only just released to the public on Thursday.
In his position, DeMuro supervised the whole balloting process in the southeast Philadelphia division. The indictment says a consultant, who remains unnamed, paid the judge of elections to cast false ballots for three Democrats who were running for local judicial positions. DeMuro was also directed to add votes for a lot of other candidates at the local, state and federal level.
The indictment doesn’t mention any specific candidates who were helped by DeMuro’s fraud, but it does say the consultant got money from candidates, which was then paid directly to DeMuro and other election officials.
The investigation is still ongoing, according to McSwain, which means it’s possible additional charges could be levied to more people in the future.
The indictment found DeMuro accepted $2,500 total for adding votes to totals between 2014 and 2016. He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 30, and is currently free on $10,000 bail.
This case comes at a time when President Donald Trump has been warning against the dangers of alternative forms of voting, such as mail-in-ballots, saying there is a lot of opportunity for people to commit voter fraud. Other elections and tech experts have said other forms of alternative voting, such as online forms, should also be limited because of the possibility that anything on the internet can be hacked and manipulated.
Cases such as this only accentuate the need to keep voting in polls, with extra oversight. DeMuro was able to stuff the ballots and manipulate the results of the elections in the Democrats’ favor because no one was around and watching him — or at least so he thought.
The discussion over keeping people safe from coronavirus on election day, and on upholding security measures in the process, is likely to heat up even more as the November General Election is less than six months away.