Pittsburgh Paper Endorses Trump, First Republican Candidate It Has Done So For Since 1972

(ConservativePeak.com)- For the first time since 1972, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has endorsed a Republican candidate for president.

On Saturday, the largest newspaper in Pittsburgh endorsed Donald Trump for president over Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

In its editorial announcing the endorsement, the Post-Gazette opened by admitting that a lot of bad things have been said about Trump, his personality and the way he approaches people and issues.

“But is this really what it’s about?” the paper wrote, continuing:

“Isn’t the real question whether he has been taking the country, and the economy of this region, in the right direction these last four years? Can we separate the man from the record?

“We share the embarrassment of millions of Americans who are disturbed by the president’s unpresidential manners and character – his rudeness and put-downs and bragging and bending of the truth.

“None of this can be justified. The president’s behavior often has diminished his presidency, and the presidency. Most Americans want a president who makes them proud.

“We too prefer the first-class temperament and demeanor of a Winston Churchill, a Dwight Eisenhower, a Franklin Roosevelt, a Ronald Reagan, or a Barack Obama (whom this newspaper enthusiastically supported in 2008 and 2012). None of them are on the ballot this year.”

The paper then pointed to several of Trump’s accomplishments. On the pre-COVID economy, it wrote that it “boomed, like no time since the 1950s.” Unemployment, especially for Black Americans, is lower than it has ever been before under any president “of either party.”

They cited trade relationships that have “vastly improved,” thanks to trade deals that have been completely re-written under President Trump.

Speaking directly to manner of their readers in the Pittsburgh region, the paper wrote:

“Thanks to him (Trump), middle America is on the map again and the Appalachian and hourly worker has some hope.

“Has Mr. Trump done enough for these struggling fellow citizens? No. But he recognized them. Maybe he was not articulate, but he recognized their pain.

“No one ever asked the American people, or the people in ‘flyover’ country, if they wanted to send their jobs abroad – until Mr. Trump. He has moved the debate, in both parties, from free trade, totally unfettered, to managed, or fair, trade. He has put America first, just as he said he would.”

Not surprisingly, the Post-Gazette’s endorsement was motivated by issues that are pertinent to their local readers. And on many of these issues, Trump is a better candidate than Biden.

Trump has supporting fracking, which is a major industry throughout Pennsylvania, but especially for western rural Pennsylvania, where Pittsburgh is located. The paper even said Biden’s plan to end fracking “will cost the economy and the people who most need work right now.”

“’Good-paying green jobs’ are probably not jobs for Pittsburgh, or Cleveland, or Toledo, or Youngstown.”

The paper also referred to Trump as “seemingly robust,” while Biden is more “fragile.”

They wrote that:

“Mr. Biden is too old for the job and fragile. There is a very real chance he will not make it through the term.”