Poll Shows VAST MAJORITY Of Americans Consider Riots/Protests a Coronavirus Health Risk

(ConservativePeak.com)- A new poll has shown that the thousands of people out rioting and protesting are not representative of most people. Most Americans, according to an Axios-Ipsos poll that was published on Tuesday, believe that these ongoing demonstrations are a health risk during the pandemic.

Surveying 1,006 American adults between June 5 and 8, pollsters presented respondents with a list of activities and asked them to list which ones are a risk to public health.

Specifically, they presented the list and asked, “How much of a risk to your health and well-being do you think the following activities are?”

The poll showed that the vast majority of Americans don’t believe that it’s a good idea to take to the streets and protest. Some 86% said that the demonstrations carry a moderate-to-large risk. This was followed by 60% of people saying that dining in a restaurant is dangerous (60%). Some 54% of people also said that visiting barbershops, salons, spas, and other hospitality businesses carried a risk, and around 52% of people said it was dangerous to go shopping at retail stores.

At first glance, it might not make much sense that protesting in the street is more dangerous than dining in a store, but just by looking at the size of these crowds, it’s clear that it may in fact be dangerous. Tens of thousands of people at a time are crammed up against one another in American cities, while people in restaurants are required by government guidelines to stay away from other people. Most businesses are also operating with restricted capacities, meaning people come into contact with other people less than usual while indoors.

Axios said that their findings in this poll were significant became “More than one in 10 people surveyed has an immediate family member or close friend who’d participated – and 2% say they’ve taken part themselves.” This potentially means “tens of millions of people” have been in “close contact with protesters.”

Protesters may think they’re only putting themselves at risk, but tens of millions of people have potentially come into contact with people who may have spread the virus. Over the next few weeks, we will see the impact that such huge numbers of people interacting has had on infection rates.