President Trump Says He Supports More Direct Payments To Americans As Part Of Next Stimulus Bill

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( Millions of Americans could get more direct financial support from the government thanks to President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Trump said that not only does he support giving Americans more direct payments as part of the next coronavirus relief bill, but he wants to give them more money than even the Democrats have proposed.

During an interview at the White House Wednesday, Trump said:

“I do. I support it, but it has to be done properly. I support actually larger numbers than the Democrats.

“I want the money getting to people to be larger so they can spend it. I want the money to get there quickly and in a non-complicated fashion.”

Trump said he expects that the federal government will work working on a “very generous” fourth stimulus package soon. Many expect the talks to heat up when Congress returns from recess later this month.

What form that next stimulus package will take is up in the air at this point. Back in May, House Democrats passed the HEROES Act, a wide-sweeping bill that, among other things, would give a second round of $1,200 payments to individuals and increase the amount for dependents to $1,200 as well.

In addition, the Democrats’ proposal would extend the extra unemployment benefit of $600 per week from the federal government on top of state benefits all the way through January. As of now, that provision of the CARES Act is set to expire at the end of January.

Republicans balked at that part of the bill immediately after it was passed, and Trump reiterated on Wednesday that extending that unemployment benefit is not something he’d be in favor of.

“We had something where they wanted where it gave you a disincentive to work last time,” Trump said. “We want to create a very great incentive to work. So, we’re working on that, and I’m sure it’ll all come together.”

Speaking further about the boost to unemployment benefits that Democrats want to extend, Trump said:

“It was an incentive not to go to work. You’d make more money if you don’t go to work. That’s not what the country’s all about. We want to create a tremendous incentive for people to want to go back to work.”

It’s still possible, of course, that some boost to unemployment benefits makes its way into the next coronavirus stimulus package. The push to do so might heat up in the coming weeks, too, if states around the country continue to rollback restrictions on life and work, or at least continue to enter a wait-and-see mode.

Ed Mills, who works for Raymond James as a Washington policy analyst, said he expects that there could be three main components of the next stimulus package that will all directly help people in some way. He said:

“There is going to be a pot of money, and it is going to go towards a combination of round two stimulus checks, continued unemployment and back-to-work bonuses.”