RACIST? Amy Klobuchar Wanted A Border Fence In 2006!

(ConservativePeak.com) – So it turns out, Amy Klobuchar is a big old racist just like the president!

Video has emerged of Amy Klobuchar, one of the surprise Democratic candidates taking on Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders at the top of the polls, actually advocating for stricter border control back in 2006.

Footage from a 2006 Senate debate saw Klobuchar recommend greater resources being sent to the border, including a fence that would ensure people cannot freely enter the United States.

Explaining how she believed it wasn’t right for people to enter the country illegally, the now-advocate for giving free healthcare to illegal aliens explained:

“I do believe that we need more resources at the border and that includes a fence. What we have now, we have people waiting to come in legally, thousands of people waiting to come in legally into this country and we have people coming in illegally. That’s not right.”

Doesn’t that sound exactly like something President Donald Trump would say on the campaign trail?

If he didn’t say those exact words, he must have said something extremely similar!

You can check out the shocking footage for yourself below.

Klobuchar was soon elected to the Senate on her promise to fight for stronger border security, so what happened?

Democrats have increasingly turned their backs on their promises to strengthen border security, particularly after the election of Donald Trump. Even Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton promised to do more, but since Trump actually started turning those words into action, Democrats have been scrambling to be more “woke” than the candidate standing against them.

“We need to get order at the border,” Klobuchar added in her speech. “But we also have to stop giving amnesty to companies that are hiring illegal immigrants. Under this administration, the number of prosecutions of companies had gone way down.”

This week, Democrat-controlled Virginia voted to allow illegal aliens to obtain driving licenses, putting the state in line with 14 others that currently already allow it.

What is it with Democrats saying one thing, and doing another?

They attack President Trump for his promise to defend American citizens and enforce the border, but at least he’s consistent. And effective.