REPORT: Immigrants Driving Up Democrat Support In Crucial Swing States

( A new report from Pew Research Center revealed in September that high immigration into the United States is increasing support for the Democrats across the country, including in crucial swing states. The data shows that swing states with large numbers of foreign-born eligible voters are seeing an uptick in support for Democratic candidates.

Pew analyzed how quick demographic shifts in the United States are reducing the share of non-Hispanic white voters. From 2000 to 2018, white voters make up 67% of eligible voters compared to 76%.

The share of Asians and Hispanic voters, however, has roughly doubled in that same time period. In 2000, Hispanics made up a share of 7% of the electorate by that increased to 13% in 2018. Asians now account for over 4% of the electorate, rising from 2% in 2000.

It’s a direct result of the United States welcoming in roughly 1.2 million immigrants every year, and it’s helping the Democrats more than the Republicans. The data shows how the partisan balance among white voters has remained stable for the last two decades, with Republicans only holding a small advantage. Among immigrants, however, support for the Democrats is much higher.

“The substantial percentage point increase of voters who are not white as a share of the country’s overall electorate was largely driven by second-generation Americans – the U.S.-born children of immigrants – coming of age, as well as immigrants naturalizing and becoming eligible to vote,” the report added.

Pew found that in Florida, the share of eligible voters who were not white rose from 26% to 39% in the same period. In Arizona, a state that is becoming increasingly competitive for the Democrats, the number of non-white foreign-born voters also increased from 37% to 25%.

The rapid change of American’s demographics is a substantial threat to the Republican Party, and if Joe Biden wins in November, he could take drastic actions that would stop the Republicans winning the presidency ever again. By packing the Supreme Court and making Washington D.C. a state, these efforts combined with America’s changing Demographics could put conservative Republicans out of power for decades.

Axios reported in 2019 how the biggest threat to the Republican party is demographics, and there is “not a single demographic megatrend that favors Republicans.”

Could President Trump be the last Republican president for decades?